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Music Studio and Vocational Music Training...

Welcome - Karibu!

Here is an opportunity for both 'up-and-coming' Artistes and Musicians to be recorded and produced by a Ugandan-born British International Producer who is currently in Bunga, Kampala.. Also a chance to apply for private tuition / lessons in Voice, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Music Theory, Sound Engineering and Production.

We hold a one-off audition and a free consultation every Saturday 2-4 pm to help work out a program for each recording Artiste and / or student. Thereafter the fee is 15,000 /= per hour for production or tuition.

Just contact the office on email:

Archive News:

The 'Foundation' Course started in October 2009 and proved to be popular because it is unique in Uganda! 

Here is a copy of the advert that ran in the Daily Monitor newspaper:


Royal College of Music and UK University graduate offers tuition in:

Music Stave Notation and Theory, Keyboard Skills, Drums, Guitar and Voice.

As a result of the feedback from students last year we are starting private one-on-one music lessons as well as running group class sessions. Just send us an email at: stating clearly what assistance you require whether in music production or music lessons.

UPRS Presentation

On Saturday 21st November the school had two special visiting speakers - James Wasula (pictured above) and Dick Matovu from the Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS). Both students and visiting members of the public were enthralled by their explainations about how music copyright and royalty Collection Management Organisations (CMOs) work. The Q&A session was particularly lively and all were both educated and entertained!

Later that evening our Director of Academic Studies, Roger Bolton, was invited as a guest drummer to Mr Wasula's Club Obligatto and played with the Africo Band. The huge crowd was certainly entertained!

Background to the School:

So, so many musicians and potential 'wannabe' singers / producers have asked our team, over the last four years, why we do not yet have a music school and teach music with a commercial 'edge'. Well, we took a brave step forward and started on Saturday 3rd October 2009 with a series of lecture sessions with an emphasis on practical / multi-discipline / vocational training every week for 12 weeks on Saturdays part-time in a refreshing way.

The lectures are on PowerPoint with audio / video embedded to help with clarity of the teaching and to show practical examples. You will also be given printed out educational 'hand outs' for each lecture and, perhaps, even some homework to do before the next Saturday session physically and via weekly email updates!

Please note the information about the Music Training Program in 2010 on this website.

Archive Enrollment Information:

There is another opportunity for those who missed the first and second lecture sessions as we are running them again on:

Thursday 22nd October @ 12 midday until 4pm

Then you can catch up and attend the next lecture session which is two days later on Saturday 24th October starting @ 9.30am with tea and the all scholastic / photocopied educational handout materials provided. 

The course is either 10,000/= UGX (approx. $5) per each of the 12 sessions or, preferably, 50% of the total course fee (120,000/= UGX - $67) which is 60,000/= UGX. If you miss any of the lecture sessions then you will lose your chance of being awarded a Certificate that is co-accredited with a big reputable music school in London, UK (TBC).

The schedule is the following:

1. Enrollment of only a maximum of twelve (12) students with immediate affect by emailing us on: and an application form will be emailed back to you with 24 hours 

OR come in person and pick up a printed hard copy application form from Sliders Bar / Restaurant / School Venue on Ggaba road, Bungu, Kampala for the ‘Foundation’ course.

2. Then, if you are accepted, you will be given a student number and ID card.

3.  Pay 50% of the 'Foundation Course' course fee of 60,000 /= UGX which will be receipted for your records. If you successfully complete the 'Foundation Course', and pay the remaining balance of 60,000 /= UGX, then you will be awarded a certificate and a recommendation for enrolling on the Second Course - Sound Engineering for 'Live' and Studio which starts on Saturday 9th January 2010.

4. Arrive at Sliders Venue (Ggaba road, Bunga, on the right hand side before Engen petrol station) and register at 9.30am sharp (muzungu time!), bring a letter of introduction from your LC1 and your original ID which we will scan / file in our computer system. Also, if you have any school work or documents related to music please bring them for your tutor to see.

5. The ‘Foundation’ Course lectures start every Saturday at 10am - 12 midday for 12 weeks. The second lecture is on the same day, with a Q & A session, which will be from 2-4pm. In the break from12 to 2pm there is time for students to practice and rehearse. We will have visiting guest teachers particularly for vocal training along with the Head of Academic Studies is Roger de Budo (Otim) Bolton who has produced in 15 countries and is a former Senior Lecturer in 'Commercial Music' from Bath Spa University, UK.

6. Enrollment for the second Sound Engineering for Studio and ‘Live’ Course will take place on Friday 8th January 2010 if students successfully complete the 'Foundation Course'. For the latter there will be a small graduation ceremony where students will be awarded their certificate of attendance and pass marks for the written exam in week eleven (11).
 7. The class will be working towards promoting and performing a 'live' Christmas show on Saturday 12th December here at our venue in Bunga. The set will consist of a mixture of self-composed songs by the students and classic Xmas tunes performed with new arrangements / styles to really entertain the audience - and with not a little bit of humour!